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New Life Private Care - the leading provider of private home care

At New Life Private Care, we offer 24/7 quality private care services to people of all ages and requirements. We provide compassionate quality care to all our clients with empathy and integrity. For us, that means treating our clients with the care and patience that they deserve. We work diligently to ensure our clients and families are comfortable and given the absolute best quality of care. We uphold our commitment to creating a safe and family-focused environment.

We encourage a family environment between us and our clients. This gives families peace of mind knowing loved ones are well cared for and treated like family 

When choosing someone to care for your loved one, there are several aspects of private care that might be confusing and overwhelming. At New Life Private Care we are here to provide a comprehensive explanation of all service options and work with insurance companies to help get you approved for care, to ensure your family receives the best care possible.

In collaboration with clients, families, local physicians, and our skilled caregivers, we work together to create a service plan that fits all your needs. This gives clients and families peace of mind knowing they are receiving quality care from professional experts in the comfort of their homes.

Assisting the Elder
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Who We Serve

We are equipped with the ability to serve everyone with each of their unique needs. From the medically fragile, intellectually and developmentally disabled, to able-bodied persons of all ages children to the elderly. 

We are skilled in caring for those with traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and paraplegia. 

Do you know someone in need of compassionate private care from the comfort of their own home? It could be an elderly parent or a child that needs supervision after school. Either way, we have the means to help.

Hospital Staff
New  Life  Private  Care  Expert  Staff

New Life Private Care staff follows all government-approved policies and procedures and operates in compliance with required state laws. 

All our staff goes through an extensive screening process which includes the following:

  • Criminal background checks

  • DMV record check

  • Medical history check and austere employment authorization process. 

  • Obtain CPR certification 

  • Training and certification

Our mission is to build a trusting relationship with clients and ensure the highest level of care— that includes transparency between clients and caregivers. Let our staff share their professional knowledge and experience, guiding you through all the available personal care options.  

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